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Often a former Emo/Death-Metal ( or some stupid genre of that nature ) kid who hates his actual name and has his best friend also with a dumb nick name such as ( Antichrist or something rebellious of that nature. ) whom later shaves his long hair and ditches the Mexican goth look for a James Franco look-a-like and ends up wrestling for his highschool team, later on neglecting his friends and becoming a excessive procrastination.
Guy 1: Hey want to go to a Bomb The Music Industry Show?

Guy 2: Yeah Sure!

( Couple Hours Before The Show )

Guy 1: You Ready?

Guy 2: Nah I don't want to listen to whack bands or Ska

Guy 1: Your backing out a couple minutes before the show? Your such a Jomar!
#jomar #jumar #reapur #reapurrr #cardec
by Orionami May 27, 2011
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