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A program entered by smart people, thinking they will get smarter by using words and textbooks that only the British use. This program eventually transforms a normal student into a stress-seeping, school-leeching vegetable, abandoning other supposed forms of life.
An inside all-purpose joke used by "candidates" of the IB program as a means of escaping said illusioned smartness.
ib stupid! ib smart! ib screwed! ib funny! ib screwed!
by Orion January 15, 2004
1. The weapon of schools to attempt to defend against plagiarism by saying where things come from, thus eliminating original thought.
2. A very fast jet made by Cessna.
1. "I'm just gonna make up a few citations for the report." (Because quantity always matters over quantity anyways)
2. "Holy crap! Your grandma was drivin' faster than a Citation X!"
by Orion December 31, 2004
Icesong was a player from Earth and Beyond, who's dark sense of humor got him banned.
However some people say they've seen him flying around as of late, could Icesong return to Earth and Beyond? One thing is certain, if he ever came back the Nazis would vanish forever. In Icesong we trust.
by Orion November 18, 2003
a device sent to mars, which will look at rocks and transmit data to earth, looking for signs of water. however, due to lack of planning, the mars rover is regrettably not waterproof.
So, uh, how about that mars rover, eh? That's um, goin to mars?
by Orion January 15, 2004
Another, more-complicated name for mad-cow disease.
Just start talkin' about the outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalitis and everyone'll think you're smart.
by Orion December 31, 2004
Awesome, but not TOO awesome.
*While buzzed on beer.* This pizza is sufficiently awesome.
by Orion February 26, 2005
1. (noun): an anthropoid ape (Pan troglodytes) of equatorial Africa that is smaller and more arboreal than the gorilla

2. (noun): Pete Sampras (usually used with "the" and capitalized)
1. The chimp is smarter than The President.

2. The Chimp was one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
by orion October 06, 2003
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