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a condition where the minute size of a person's penis adversely affects his behavior towards other people, particularly of the opposite sex. symptoms range from exhibiting overtly aggressive behavior to completely incoherent speech and the inability to control urination due to the miniscule dimensions of the said organ; usually all symptoms occur simultaneously.
after a cerebral hit of what eric thought was opium; which turned out to be sour dwarf milk, he started to act like a small penis goeken
by original prankster April 18, 2006
1. rushing trapped air inside the vaginal cervix causes a mini 'boom,' which sounds like an applause after a well-intentioned, proper fornicating

2. advanced stage of gonorrhea
Audrey: "did you hear that?"
KC: "yeah, i think you just flapclapped"

...a little later...

KC: "you need to have your flapclap checked"
by original prankster March 20, 2009
1. les claypool's character's fantasy band name, meant to be another euphemism like pearl jam
2. a wet, slippery vagina, on the verge of gushing orgiastic creampie of a material with a vaseline-like consistency
"i'm lookin forward to lickin dat camel-toein' vaseline groove record comin out this month!"
by original prankster January 28, 2009
A cool radio show in which the host, Skream9, prank calls people live over the internet.
Dude I was listening to pranknet last night and this kid Nate got owned!
by Original Prankster July 14, 2003

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