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Emo is NOT short for emotional and it has nothing to do with how you dress or wear your hair. It is, in FACT, an insult word created by punks in the 80's to call the guys in emotive hardcore punk bands. Unless you are in one of those bands, you are NOT emo, and never will be. Emotive hardcore music wasn't even just about being sad and depressed and hating yourself. Sure, some songs could be about that, but they could also be stupidly happy. The difference between emotive hardcore and regular punk is that emotive hardcore had more feelings incorporated into the music. The only reason why some people think that wearing eye liner and side bangs or cutting yourself makes you emo is mainly because of stores like Hot Topic, but guys in emotive hardcore bands wouldn't be caught dead dressed like that. If you cut yourself, then you have a problem and you should get help, but don't call yourself emo. Cutting and other forms of self-mutilation have nothing to do with the word "emo". Just because you have problems in your life and you cry a lot doesn't mean you're emo either. Also, don't tell other people that you're emo because A: you're not and B: you just make yourself look like a whiny and ignorant person who can't handle your own shit.
Stupid person: I'm so emo! lol I have sidebangs and I wear wayyy too much eyeliner :). I also rawr and think I'm a dinosaur! My pants are hella tight and I cut myself with sharp things because I hate myself :O

Smart person: Fail.
by OrianaRaphaela September 12, 2009

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