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3 definitions by Orgone

Literally: "No Points"
A general term for somthing bad or unfortunate. Can be used on its own, or to affix or prefix any word, depending on context.
Origin: Eurovision
In the Eurovision Song Contest a particularty bad entry will be awarded Nil Pwa by Spain.
Example One: Prefix
Sam: I nearly crashed my car yesterday.
Dan: Oh! Nil-pwa driving skills Sam!

Example Two: Affix
Dan: I hate librarians.
Sam: Indeed, Dan, librarians nil-pwa!

Example Three: Word in its self
Dan: This pint is off.
Sam: (tastes beer) Nil-pwa!
by Orgone March 20, 2004
To "do-a-delia", means to cook.
Origin: From the famous TV Chef Delia Smith.
Dan: You gonna order a pizza?
Sam: Nah, im gonna do-a-delia.
by Orgone March 20, 2004
Too far away to be bothered to walk to. Usually because your drunk or stoned.
Sam: Want to go to the all night garage and get some Mars Bars?
Dan: Nah, its treckage. Whats in the fridge?
by Orgone March 20, 2004