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6 definitions by Organized Chaos

Big ol black titties!
I'd eat the corn outa Oprah's ass if shed just let me play with dem jiggaboobs.
by Organized Chaos September 18, 2008
Diarrhea that causes death.

Can also be used to describe death by gonorrhea.
Elvis died from deatharrhea on August 16, 1977.

Paris Hilton is immune to deatharrhea but can spread it very easily.
by Organized Chaos September 18, 2008
It's when your stuck in a really painful relationshit that just wont pass. The only cure is to let it go... or kill the bitch.
Mike: "I've had relation constipation ever since Cindy found out I fucked her sister. Do you think she's gonna dump me once she finds out I have herpes?"

Joe: "No man, you just have a case of the Mondays."
by Organized Chaos August 14, 2009
A pokemon introduced in pokemon x/y. Used often in competitive play, it is commonly known for beating almost everything on the field with brave bird.
Joe sent out Mewtwo!
Joe's Mewtwo mega-evolved into Mega-Mewtwo x!
Talonflame used brave bird!
Joe's Mewtwo Fainted!
Joe Regrets his decision to fight Talonflame!
by organized chaos July 25, 2014
Japanese napkins.
Tommy: "Snapple fact 196: 90% of japkins are made in Canada."
by Organized Chaos August 14, 2009
The act of going down on a woman while she defecates. like a blumpkin.
Jenny wanted me to blumpershoot her but we just got back from taco bell.
by Organized Chaos September 18, 2008