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Don't you guys think that your defintions are kinda stupid? I mean if I'm correct,(which I am) you are popular because people like you. If those girls are so bad and mean to everybody then they aren't popular, they are just pretty and evil. I'm the most popular black girl in my entire school because I'm aquainted with almost everyone in the entire building. The only reason why people call that kind of particular bratty girl popular is because the look like MTV clones. You know? They just dress cool. You guys are just jealous of their clothes and hot boyfriends and they're equally pretty friends. In conclusion, the are not popular, they are just a desired group of people based souly on their looks, not attitude.
Look at her clothes, they are American Eagle! And her football playing boyfriend has blue eyes!She must be popular!
by OreoQueen July 23, 2004

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