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Mercer is that one girl in your class that makes it exciting going to school. She is the hottie but not a slut. She has a great body. She is very hyper and you always want to be around her. She is nice and everyone wants to be her friend/girlfriend because she would make even good as a wife. Many people know her as the hottie or the nice one. But if your a lucky guy and get to know a Mercer. Make sure she likes you. If your her friend she could hook you up with a hot guy you know. Plus, she knows how to party!!

Hottie, Athletic, Nice, Popular, Smart (but not a nerd), Flirtatious, Laughable, Huggable, Hyper, funny,Confident, Match-maker, Party animal, Dancer
Boy: "Damn... look at Mercer!"
Friend: "I know she is so hot."
Boy: "I wish I was her boyfriend."
Friend: "I'm going to go talk to her."
by Oreo Lover April 06, 2012

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