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Any chic who lives in Humboldt County who pretends to be a hippie to avoid adequate personal hygiene practices; You will notice a trend of overwhelming scent of essential oils, A secondary smell of souring yogurt from home remedies used to 'cure' any number of STDs. The humbugly tend to have sores near the mouth.They typically present themselves in 3 forms;abnormally plain features paired with dredlocks,acne scarred and braless or something that resembles a dumpster diving version of Stevie Nicks;A woman of this persuasion claims to be Vegan but in reality eats tons of man-meat on the sly. This type of female will suck dick for a steady supply of weed or jack off ugly guy friends for a bed to crash in. To be Humbugly you must pretend you believe in environmental causes, do civil protests, claim to be Wiccan and be stoned or drunk or lucid on LSD. These posers are chameleons; instead of owing up that they are just plain psychotic or crazy they fool others into believing that they they are too deep and/or sensitive to function. The Humbugly are always jobless and either hitchhike or travel on foot. They claim to have an aversion to fossil fuels.
by Ore-gonner976 September 08, 2010
Term used to describe relationships on Reservations or Native American Territory's. To be classified as an "Indin' Love" situation your relationship must meet the following criteria; You must have numerous children with different mothers or if you are female you must have several kids by different dad's. You must always allow the parent(s) of your child/ren to be the first one you call when intoxicated for sex or an argument. You shall do 'Battle' which means you either get into bloody fights over or with your lover. You should recognize that neither of you are truly faithful or monogamous; You must live in housing that is subject to search, i.e. HUD or Section 8 and actively fear inspections because of broken doors or holes in walls. One must have hickeys or leg bruises and go into public with these visible adornments. All fights shall end with loud,crude sex and a shared bowl of Ramen Noodles. Birth Control also shall not be an option, thus the careless reproduction. You must struggle with either a poor running vehicle with dents and/or missing windows, or be totally without. True '"Indin' Love" is usually inclusive of one or more of the parties involved in being on Probation, Parole directly following a period of being jailed and long love letters an/or hand drawn cards of roses and feathers or money being put on the books and a dropped Restraining Order against one or the other.
Used In Native American Communities across North America:
Person 1: 'Look at Jess and Thunder, I thought that they were broken up.'
Person 2: 'She had him thrown in jail I thought, whys she got all those hickeys?.'
Person 1: 'They are violating that restrainin' order then.'
Person 2: 'My cousin said that she got knocked up by Eagle and Thunder thinks it's his and they are back together now.'
Person 1: 'Man, that's what you call Indin' Love, enit?!'
Person 2:'Jess' eye is lookin good after Eagle busted her around the other day.'
Person 1: 'They still drivin' that car around with no license too.'

To be in "Indin' Love".
by Ore-gonner976 September 10, 2010

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