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Someone who watches and/or gets off to hentai, though usually not the kind with tentacles. Can describe guys or gals. My friend Casey came up with the term.
Twodephiliacs aren't necessarilly evil, just fucked in the head.
by Ordo Maleus November 09, 2003
A chick (unlike fangirls, usually a hot chick) who, for some malign reason, watches and/or gets off to hentai. The really fucked up kind. The kind with tentacles. The only defense against such vile affronts to nature is to vomit. For whatever reason, this grosses them out. Fire and silver bullets/blades may also work, but try explaining those to the pigs.
This one chick who gave me a ride home from RIT. She wouldn't shut up about hentai the entire ride home. I went into dry heaves three times after she dropped me off.
by Ordo Maleus November 09, 2003

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