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In the online MMORPG, World Of Warcraft, the PvP realm Stonemaul is often referred to as "Trollmaul" owing to it's forums increased presence of forum "Trolls"
These "Trolls" make up a considerable part of Stonemaul's uniqueness and flavor as these trolls vary in 'Trolling" styles greatly. From outright, directly scathing profane insults: Most Famous of Which is "Corpsemode" to the almost gentlemanly, cerebral "Forumtroll" Two of Stonemauls most noted trolls. These two "Trolls" are the founders of the "Trollerblades"

There exists a guild devoted entirely to trolling named "Trollerblades"
"Stonemaul has so many Trolls I vote it be renamed Trollmaul"

"Thats why they call this server Trollmaul"
by Ordinn September 01, 2005

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