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3 definitions by Orchidomegaly

a word that can be replaced with the phrase:

"No, i do not know the answer to your question. If you know the answer tell me."
'what do you get when you cross bread a hamster with a bulldog?'

by Orchidomegaly March 09, 2006
37 28
A game people play because their life sucks. They prefer to live in a 'virtual world'

people that play this game alot usually become anti-social and pretty weird.
Phychologist: "so Jason how many times have you thought about playing world of warcraft since you got here"

Jason: "just once."

Phychologist: "really i see your making progress"

Jason: "Well technically it is really just one big time.. i mean i haven't stopped thinking about playing wow"
by Orchidomegaly March 09, 2006
68 103
When somebody has this tattoo (usually on their hand) it means they are usually gay, bisexual, or for equal rights of all sexualities.
"Dude look that guy has an equals sign tattoo on his hand."

"what a gay-lovin homo"

by Orchidomegaly March 09, 2006
47 124