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To gloat or brag about something
He was boasting about his fly girlfriend.
by Orbital July 18, 2005
Shortened form of the word "starvation."
Most often said when one is expressing extreme hunger.

"Dude, vaytion."
"OMG, I'm vating."
by OrbiTaL January 15, 2003
A personal reference to the left testi, usually spoken with a sense of pride and ownership.
"Dude, lick my Slim Left."
"My Slim Left itches."
"Where's your Slim Leftie."
"That guy can definitely suck my Slim Left."
by OrbiTaL January 15, 2003
Bar Lingo; Shortened terminology for the expression "gravy and cheese." Used both literally as in gravy and cheese food, or figuratively to express contentedness, satisfaction, or ease.
"Man, I'm hungry. I could go for a Denver omelette with grave 'n' chee."

"I don't think this assignment will be to difficult, it's pretty much grave 'n' chee."
by OrbiTaL January 15, 2003
Shortened form of the word "cheese."
See also; grave 'n chee
See also; cree chee
"Can I get a Denver Omelette with chee?"
"Does that come with chee?"

by OrbiTaL January 15, 2003

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