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A drawing program which works very well with a tablet. Japanese in origin, but has an English language option.

The program can also be used online, to connect up to four people at the same time. When connected, all four people draw on the same canvas.

Abbreviation: oC
Hey, check out this pic I just drew on openCanvas!

The other night, I was drawing with my friends on openCanvas ^^
by Orasa December 14, 2004
Popular acronym for the Mississippi University for Women, which, by the way, DOES admit men now.

However, most of the people at said school are so gender confused it's not even funny.

The campus also radiates waves of gayness.

And there is crack in the water ... and in the air.
Hey, look at those two gay guys, they must go to MUW.

Person 1: O.o Is that a guy or a girl?
Person 2: I'm not sure, maybe they go to MUW...
by Orasa December 14, 2004
Another popular shortened name for the Mississippi University for Women. See MUW.
Hi, I go to The W. ^^
by Orasa December 14, 2004
1) An awesome person who lives in Canada and ph33r5 the b34v3r o.o;

2) My melamin ^___^
Wubs j00, melamin *chu*
by Orasa December 14, 2004
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