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Nothing is known about the Ninja Club. They are ninjas.
Only that they overthrew the Stoo Pidpee Pull cult and that they exist.
"What is the Ninja Club?"
"Nobody... Knows..."
"No, seriously, who are they?"
"What part of the word NINJA don't you understand?"
"...The J..."
"Shut up."
by Orangy Snocket October 14, 2006
1: An adjective used to describe one who worships rabid wolverines. Usually referring to the Stoo Pidpee Pull cult.
2: Nobody knows the second definition, but we know it is out there somewhere! Experts think it has something to do with platypuses.
1: "That guy just bit me, and he was foaming at the mouth. You think I should go see a doctor, or was he just smithkontanismlationful?
2: "Man, you are so smithkontanismlationful!
"I... Don't... Know...
by Orangy Snocket October 14, 2006
1: A cult that worships rabid wolverines. This cult often combines baking soda and vinegar in their mouth to simulate rabies. This ritual is commonly known as "Bee Ingvare Eestoo Pid". They have also been known to stage raids on nearby towns, biting and mauling the citizens in the process of chanting their infamous battle cry (usually hard to understand through all the chemical reactions in their mouths): "BEE-INGVARE-EESTOO-PID". They were recently overthrown by the Ninja Club.
2: A term often referring to the Repulican party in politics. We may be confusing this with the common term "stupid people" but hey, they sound similar!
1: "Holy CRAP the STOO pidpee PULL are HERE! run FOR you LI-"
"SNAaaaRRrLlllL! BEEinGvareEEsToopID!!!!!!!!!!"
by Orangy Snocket October 14, 2006

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