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People that have hair that is so red and skin complexion that is so freckly white that they appear to be a completely washed out orange color.
That orange human is cute, but I still will not bang him because of his disgusting coloring.
by Orangepeoplehater November 12, 2009
A Jew that will do whatever it takes to make money or not to lose money, even if it involves hurting people.
That Wicked Jew boss of mine fired me before I was fully vested, so i didn't get my full pension, I deserve.
by Orangepeoplehater November 12, 2009
People that hate orange humans in every way.
She would be hot if she wasn't an orange human. I am such an orange human hater, their skin, hair and complextion is so disgusting.
by Orangepeoplehater November 12, 2009

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