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Pronunciation: \ˈper-ə-ˌgraf, ˈpa-rə-\
Origin: Created in the early 21st Century, around 2009 A.D. in mid-September. Drived from the english language paragraph
Function: noun

1.This means to write a lengthy, meaningful passage for a person you care for or trust, possibly a brother figure or even a best friend.(Grrrk)
2. the reason being is that this guy loves passage that exploit a persons day to the utmost detail.

2a.What does that mean? It means that a long thought full response is better than a 3 worded response. IT shows that you are willing to spend the time to explain how your day/experience down to the smallest, tiniest detail.

Who can wright these? anyone from a kindergartner to a highschooler in ap classes.(aka JS)
This is a pragraph

example: How was your first day at school?

Oh! My day was absolutely stupendous! It was filled with exhilarating surprises and new experiences! Although, I did not see some of my closest friends because we have different lunched and schedules. But I am absolutely positive that this year will be productive and full of intriguing adventures!

This is not a pragraph:

How was your day?

It was good.
by Orangekami September 19, 2009

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