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3 definitions by Orangefizzlebiz

absolutely sure
more acceptable to say if you actually have AIDS

from a South Park episode
"are you sure dude?" "yeah man, I'm HIV positive"
by Orangefizzlebiz March 13, 2008
The glorious consumption of meat as a social event. Success is measured in number of animals required to fill the stomachs of participants.
"yo I want some tuna"
"fuck that jon, we're having a meating tonight"
by orangefizzlebiz January 21, 2009
A gathering of peers with the common goal of cooking and consuming more meat than one can eat. Stomach expansion is expected to be at at least twofold, as well as a cumulative death of at least 3 different animals for the event.
"will there be any veggie burgers at your guys' meating?"
"no fuck you jon you fucking vegetarian this is a fucking meating"
by orangefizzlebiz October 20, 2008