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Combining acid and ecstasy (MDMA) for a wild trip/ roll. Can be accomplished with any tab, sugar cube or drop of acid & any make of E pill or molly. Causes one to not only see psychedelic designs, but also want suck on a binky and cuddle.
I'm thinking about kandi flipping tonight, but I'm worried my pupils might get so big that they'll explode.
#candy flipping #candy flip #kandi flip #acid #ecstasy #mdma
by OrangePuma June 17, 2009
A drink that will get you shit faced faster than you can say "oompaloompa". Basically, passing around 40s of Steely until you hit the bar code and then refilling it with Sparks. Tastes nasty, but you get drunk to the point that it doesn't matter.
After killing the second sidewalk slammer, Tim and Jane had blackout drunken sex and woke up the next mourning in one another's barf.
#beer #steely #sparks #side walk slammer #sidewalk slamer
by OrangePuma June 16, 2009
The act of sticking ectasy pills up you butt hole and squeezing your ass cheeks together as they dissolve. Yes, slightly disturbing, but will get you considerably higher off the E.
Mandy says butt bumping is only acceptable when all you can afford is one pill.
#up the butt #e #x #asshole #higher
by OrangePuma June 16, 2009
Originated from the words "gothic" and "rave" to form G Rave which became grave. Pretty self explanitory since it is a name for a gothic rave. That's right, you combine dark clubs, glow sticks, maybe a few whips and chains, some trance/ hardcore music and some goths and ravers. All in all Graves are the darkside of raving with a little less kandi and E, but a little more black makeup and acid.
Dude, we went to that grave last night and saw someone pierce their own lip with a safety pin on the dance floor.
#gothic rave #rave #goth #gothic #dark rave
by OrangePuma June 17, 2009
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