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Like 'Paranoid'

The feeling of fear of being caught watching pornography


One is trying to masturbate - however cannot fully indulge themselves in the atmosphere for fear of someone walking in and catching them.
What The Fuck Man! I'm So Pornanoid Its Ruining My Wank!
by OrangePeelTV February 17, 2009
Goose Hunting Term

An instance where one is about to take a perfect shot at a goose, when all of a sudden a badger jumps out from behind a willow stump and disrupts the firer causing him to miss.
*Out Pops The Badger*

Goosehunter - 'AH TADGER 'DA BADGER!'
by OrangePeelTV February 17, 2009
The overwhelming experience of haggis in ones mouth to such an excessive extent that one experiences a burning sensation describable only as ecstasy through haggis.
*muffled through a mouthful of haggis* Man I've eaten to much haggis I'm in haggecstasy!
by OrangePeelTV February 17, 2009

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