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2 definitions by OrangeFish

/jā sekSHo͞oəl/

Sexually attracted to a person's (of the opposite sex) ideals rather than personality or physical appearance. They date others primarily to converse and discuss ideas rather than to have sex.
Jonathan says that he thinks he is jsexual because he isn't like the other kids that go after girls because of the sex, but because of their ideals.
by OrangeFish January 19, 2013
Alcoholic drink used by wossy guys who have no clue how to make a girl attracted to them, so they can have sex, and so have to resort to getting them drunk in order to take advantage of them.
wossy guy (to mate): I want to fuck that hottie, but i have no chance of pulling her unless she is pissed, so I am going to buy her lots of liguid panty remover, until she is too drunk to say no.
by orangefish August 11, 2005