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Graeson is a perfect portrait of balance and proportionality. He is never not stylish, elegant, and graceful; these traits are inherent within him. He thrives on raw passion, and never engages in any activity he is not passionate about. Expect this passion to shine through via intense lovemaking sessions.

One of the most salient and alluring traits that Graeson possesses is his intelligence. Sharp and versatile, he is able to flex his mind to accommodate for any situation without a moment's hesitation. Because of this amazing ability, Graeson is usually able to handle himself in any situation and excel quickly in professional and competitive arenas. He sees everything in life as a learning opportunity, and as such, he will keep growing wiser, so long as he continues to explore new places, activities, and people. His accumulated wisdom is vast and deep, and guides him easily through life, something that others sometimes mistake for sheer luck.

Once you get to know Graeson, you will never forget him. Unforgettable friend, lover, partner... He makes a lasting impact on everyone he meets. Even if your encounter is brief, he will shine his warm light on you and you can't help but smile from the depths of your heart.

Treat him well, and you will benefit tenfold from your friendship with Graeson. Never forget who he is. A man like this only comes around once in a lifetime, and only if you are lucky.
B: Is he really all that?

M: He's everything and more. He's Graeson!
by Orange Smiley February 19, 2013

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