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being not fat. being unfat. not having any fat on you.
some guy:woah look at Ashley Rosen
Kevin: ya i no dude she is soooo skinny. i cant believe how skinny she is. i just wanna hold her in my arms all day long.
by orange March 12, 2005
1)a pretty boy
2)a shit stirrer
3)a complete idiot
1)dude, that guy is PRETTY! Is he GAY? That pretty aint natural.
2)damn, do you have any concept of what he says to one person and then the next? he creates conflict where there is none
3)dude that guy is SO dense! he has no concept about the world FO REAL!
by Orange April 28, 2004
a term used by asians. meaning scary or magical or some stupid thing. i dont no. im not asian. im american. go bak china with your evil launguage.
Asian:the evil warlock went back to his evil island on planet evil and made a eeevil potion to make him evilier.
American:Shut the FUCK up.
(no im not rascist but i think asians are to smart they should share their brains with us.)
by orange March 12, 2005

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