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A senior advisor with the cunning and ruthlessness needed to defeat an enemy during times of open conflict. Unconstrained by the caution and deliberation called for during regular business order.
Tom Hagen advised the Corleone's well as it grew into the Mafia's pre-eminent family; but he wasn't a wartime consigliere.
by Optiongeek April 02, 2015
Eclectic, non-sequitir phrase often used in the place of a general acknowledge to another statement. Meant to convey general absurdity. Refers to an incident from the 1980's documented in the movie "A Cry in the Dark", in which a seemingly absurd story about dingoes attacking a child turned out to be true.
"How was your weekend?". "Dingo ate my baby". "Cool".
by Optiongeek March 16, 2010
Generic sign language gesture in which both hands are extended forward with fingers pointing down and softly flagellated (i.e. twinkled). Indicates general disapproval. This is the negative corollary to "twinkle fingers", an indication of support. Both gestures were popularized during the "Occupy" protest movement of 2011.
Man that's idiotic. Serious down twinkle dood.
by Optiongeek October 26, 2011
Occurs when the next person to use the stall after you is forced to re-flush the toilet to get the last remaining bits of your pooh to go down.
Big pooh, little toilet, in a hurry = flush of shame as you're washing your hands.
by Optiongeek December 12, 2011
Before the advent of mobile communication devices (pagers, mobile phones), someone at a public event might be summoned over the public address system to "call your office", indicating that an urgent message was waiting for them. In this context, the phrase is used to imply that someone is unaware of important information - i.e. that their arguments are uninformed and therefore superfluous.
Your argument is wrong at every level. You should really call your office.
by Optiongeek April 08, 2010
To cause a diminishment in stature or street cred to another through an intentional act of disrespect, or to oneself by incaution or lack of situational awareness. To diss.
The aging hipster bepunks himself whenever he walks out the door with his shorts at half mast.
by Optiongeek August 07, 2013
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