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legs, gams
used for walking
Have you seen Pam in that skirt.

Yeah, she's got some great get away sticks.
by optic_fuel November 16, 2007
n;stored mental images to which one masturbates. abbrv - PMR.

see also spankbank
That girl is so hot. I am entering her into my Personal Masturbatory Rolodex (PMR)
by optic_fuel July 30, 2008
n, the cardboard sleeve placed around a paper coffee cup to prevent burns to the hand.
Customer: Shit this cup is hot.
Starbucks Chick: Here's a cup condom for protection.
by optic_fuel July 27, 2008
- The art of dumping a handicapped person out of their wheelchair as made famous by Deputy Charlette Jones of Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, Hillsborough, Florida.
Dude, I thought I could get out of a DUI because of my wheelchair but that cop didn't give a shit. He gave me the Florida Fling and dragged my ass to downtown.
by Optic_Fuel March 05, 2008
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