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1. The best thing ever. Anywhere.

2. The act of getting royally screwed over.
1. Minaki gave Matsuba buttsex last night!

2. Dude! The repair man really buttsexed my computer this time!
by Oos! OMGWTFLMAO August 11, 2004
The Suicune researcher from Celadon, who goes to Ecruteak often to be with Morty.

Wears purple and is very short tempered. Seriously, he'll rip yer friggin head off. Not even kidding. O_o
Eusine pelted the children who made fun of Suicune with synthetic hearts.
by Oos! OMGWTFLMAO August 11, 2004
The Ecruteak Gym Leader in Pokemon, who is UBER-HOT and looks like a stoner. :3

He trains ghost-type Pokemon when he's not smoking crack like a good boy.

Tells people of the legend of the Burnt Tower, which burned when he dropped a joint and the whole place went up but he was too slammed ot do anything about it.
Morty bought more crack from Falner today.
by Oos! OMGWTFLMAO August 11, 2004
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