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When your tummy gurgles and hurts. Usually, after a Taco Bell binge.
Man that Taco bell gave me the rumbles!!
by OoklaGeezus June 21, 2005
Someone who is lactose intolerant.
My tummies got the rumbles, since I drank that whole milk. Oh God, I'm a milk biggot now!
by OoklaGeezus June 21, 2005
The liquid poo result of ingesting large quantities of Fast food.
Phase 2 of the normal gastro intestinal cycle. 2nd phase of the fast food "circle of life." Phase 1 is the rumbles.
Oh jessie, I've got the squirties! I do believe I've shat on myself.
by OoklaGeezus June 21, 2005
Someone who offers to much information about a person place or thing. Usually in a vain attempt to impress you. They use terms like couture for expensive, muave for beige and twall for expensive ugly country crap.
Do you like my sweater? Its sooo French couture. Hmph,Hmph, Hmph
by OoklaGeezus June 21, 2005
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