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a race that is mostly being bulshitted about..
a race that causes someones to be so ridicilous..
a race that is mostly thought wrongly..
a race that causes -somehow?!?!? - ppl to change their thoughts when they visit the country in which they live..
a race that was lied about for some countries' benefits in history..
a race that in shocked since ppl can still believe that lies..
a race that isnt eventually digested..
a race that has modern people in own country..
a race that has Istanbul ( someones should digest that)
a race that has opened the doors of archives to Armenians in order to research genocide lie..
a race that is still waiting for some Armenians (to make a search)..
a race that expects to be opened the door of opposite archives..
a race that accepts some Armenians were killed but not systematically..not genocide..
a race that has bad some ppl like every race !..
without having knowledge, having an idea about turk is so ridicilous that most falls into this sitiation..you dont have to like but you have to respect!!
info : i have just read that someone sentenced Turks coz of killing 2 million Armenians..so funny..coz in 1915, there was 1,3 million Armenians in Turkey..lol..
you can ask to me why you believe my source..you should believe coz Ottoman Empire used to take a tax from un-muslims like Armenians..it had to count them correctly coz of money that would come from them..lol
by the way they just used to take money as a tax...not their daughters or mothers..
by Onur March 17, 2007
the name of amazing fan group of Turkish soccer team named Besiktas..
the fan group whose last guests from Europe was the fans of Tottenham coz of UEFA Cup match..they left the stadium with admiration and with a bit pain in their ears..
the most famous group of Turkish Super Leauge..they are able to make up great ovations and make own music..talented guys..
the name of famous fan group in Turkey that has a political point of view and that protests many things in games with their banner..
there is many admirers of Carsi although they support to other teams..
by Onur March 17, 2007
shouting sharapova..
( two people walking around the Wimbledon )
hey! what the hell was that?as if the car mashed the cat..
no matey..it is shoutapova..lol

by Onur March 16, 2007
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