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A phrase appended to the end of a semi-incoherent fast food order while in an altered state of mind. Spoken with an upward inflection as a question, its true meaning is usually unknown to both orderer and fast food worker.
Orderer: Yeah I'll take a girl stuff bacon burrtango, with bacon please, also a seen a minute twisty, extra bacon, and I'll have some bacon please. Widdly scuds?
Worker:widdly scuds?
by ontario April 05, 2010
1. noun- a ship capable of transporting a tank, artillery, AA gun or infantry plus an additional infantry. Alternatively, any device or machine that facilitates transportation

2. verb- to transport a group of such troops. Alternatively, to transport anyone or thing
1. Britain "yo america, when you gonna help out russia with japan"
America "when i can mo fo, i aint got enuf trannypo right now"

2. Tim "I'm gonna trannypo us to Arizona in my heap of shit of a car"
Hannah "ok, this seems like a good idea"
Me "im really happy i get to fly"
by Ontario December 09, 2006
When you are fucking a bitch in the face and then you jump behind her to perform anal but your buddy holds her face to the bedsheets with the threat to dump an aquarium full of fish on her head, then when you cum he dumps it anyway.
"WTF are you doing?"
"Shutup you're gettin a rabid seamonkey"
by Ontario April 05, 2008
What Americans typically call a foreign battle theater.
Stems from a popular patriotic song of the world war one era by the same name.
Usually a terrible place to be.
Bill: Where's Rick?
Scott: He joined up. He's over there.
Bill: No. Aw fuck! This has to end.
by ontario February 20, 2007
When you and yo bitch are fuckin and you whip out a fried chicken drumstick and shove it up her ass and pound her ass with it, then pull it out, shout "MMM CHICKEN!" and take a big bite out of it.
Guy: I feel like a dirty chicken dinner.
Girl: Ok baby the KFC is in the kitchen.
by Ontario February 05, 2009

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