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2 definitions by Onlythetruth4u

Hot guy with green or blue eyes, blond hair, medium or tall and full of himself. He's the type of guy every girl wants to get with.. But has many faults. Short tempered but, different around the girls he likes.
Miranda: OMG. i just hooked up with the hottest guy at this party!
Jennifer: really? me too!
Miranda: whats his name?
Jennifer: Levi.
Miranda: you bitch. I hooked up with levi too!
by Onlythetruth4u February 21, 2011
brown hair, hazel eyes, and super funny. :) Can put a smile on anyones face. Is into sports like basketball or hockey. She's kinda a tomboy and pretty.
Lili:Rheid is so funny!

Tom: Oh man, i know.
by Onlythetruth4u February 21, 2011