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A more profane and direct variation of the phrase Oh Snap, often used to indicate pleasurable suprise or to express amazement towards an individual.

Usually directed towards a person.
"Oh shit Son, you really fucked up the car"

<Bobert_the_great is on a kigging spree>
"Oh shit son, you're tearing up the place"
by Oni Ookami Alfador March 08, 2005
Noun: a methodology of fixing or manufacturing something through unconventional means using only the (usually improper) tools and resources at hand. Also known as Ghetto rigging, nig rigging, jurry rigging, and ghettorisation. This particular variation was most likely inspired by the telivision program "Sanford and Son"
To get my car to start I had to use some duct tape and apply some afro engineering.

"Hey I made this hooka out of an old coffee can and some crap I found lying around in my house"
"Thats some real afro engineering you got going right there"
by Oni Ookami Alfador September 17, 2006
N. A variation of the German H&K-made assault rifle G36 made for special ops and commando use. Much more compact than the original.

Uses the 5.56mm standard NATO ammunition.
"The assault rifles are too bulky for this mission, send them with the G36Cs instead
by Oni Ookami Alfador March 09, 2005
A misinterpretation of the phrase "beck and call" such as "at ones beck and call" meaning to be at willful readiness to fulfill another's orders or commands. It is usually used by people who are attempting to sound more well read than are are in actuality.
"Professor Stackhouse has us at his beckon call."
"No he doesn't you jackass, he has you at his beck and call. Stop pretending to be smart"
by Oni Ookami Alfador January 24, 2007
N. A banjo-guitar duet commonly associated with hillbillies and rednecks.

V. Two or more people masturbating eachother, or engaging in masturbation with eachother.

To masturbate another, often used to accuse someone of homosexuality in hopes of offending the accused.
"The chicks in that movie were really dueling eachother's banjos"

"We all know you play dueling banjos with your cousin every night"
by Oni Ookami Alfador March 08, 2005
adj: Awesome, excellent, or otherwise worthy of satisfaction or praise. Generally used in response to a pleasing situation or proposition, or to describe something that "kicks ass." Is sometimes used as a synonym for indeed. It is predominantly used in the Northeastern sector of the United States.
"Hey, Mike's having a massive party tonight."

"That was a wordly performance you just pulled off."
by Oni Ookami Alfador November 26, 2006
A fictional word that starbucks created to call its largest size of coffee. For all anyone knows it could really mean "goose vomit" or "flatulent penguins"
"I'm going to order a large coffee that costs twice as much as any other large coffee, and feel good about it because calling it venti makes me look smart"
by Oni Ookami Alfador July 12, 2005

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