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The local high school for West Linn, Oregon.
While a lot of the students are particularly wealthy, very few of them actually brag about it, as everybody seems to exaggerate. The people who usually write these definitions are usually the rich snobby types who get arrested for doing extremely stupid things and then wondering why.
The teachers are actually very good, but some students (see above) dislike them simply because they openly oppose them.
There are some really cool people at this school, though, amid the crowds of students. Though there are quite a few people who do/have done drugs, they generally are cool people, once you get past that. This usually has to do with the fact that these people do have a lot of money, with parents who have full time jobs meaning they're never at home, so the kids get bored with having everything and being good. Thus, they go do drugs.
There are a good chunk of students that are about middle class, but since people only come on here to rant because they got picked on, you never hear about them. There are some snobby people in this group, but for the most part they're pretty cool, down-to-Earth people.
tl;dr, WLHS is actually a pretty good school to go to. People just complain constantly because they do bad things and can't figure out why they're in trouble.
Kid 1: West Linn High School seriously sucks, man. I kicked over a trash can and a teacher actually had the NERVE to reprimand me! (This is an unrealistic representation since the people who usually do these things probably can't even define 'reprimand')

Kid 2: Yeah, I know, right? It's like they actually expect us to be GOOD and stuff!


Kid 1: I got this awesome new laptop for Christmas, and I'm super excited about it!

Snob: Oh you rich people always go on about all your nice fancy stuff because you're all rich and stuff.

Kid 1: Actually, my family had to scrape together the money for this.

Snob: You're a jerk for even trying to talk back to me. Not worth MY time! *goes off to smoke something*
by OneWhoSpells October 10, 2011
A failed spelling of the word 'your'.
Usually said when typing too fast.
How's yoru day been?
by OneWhoSpells March 18, 2011
What people feel when they're trolled.
*on 911*
Person: Why would you say that?!?! YOU'RE HORRIBLE
Troll: Feelings some major BHz, bro?
by OneWhoSpells November 21, 2011

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