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What parents give to their kids because they think it's better. Diet sodas actually have a sugar that's technically embalming fluid, so think about that before you buy another diet cola. Also experts say if you must drink a pop, drink regular since diet is actually detrimental to your health.
Also Diet Pepsi is an abomination of the name pepsi considering it tastes so bad it mutilates taste buds.
"Hey Jim, did you grab some Diet Pepsi?"
"My hands..."

"What happened?"
"The Sun caused the can to explode and the diet pepsi eroded my hands before I jumped in a lake, causing all the fish to die."
"So I take that as a no?"
"Actually I have a can but this stuff makes my mouth bleed
"It's because you still have taste buds."
by OneWhoHatesBloodinHisMouth November 11, 2009
Someone who still doesn't know Wikipedia doesn't allow everyone to edit things anymore. Most likely teachers and older authoritative figures.
John: Dude I hate research...
Ryan: Why? Just go on Wikipedia.
John: I can't because then I'll get a lot of info and be done, but no I gotta filter through all the websites because my teacher is a Wiki Hater.
Ryan: Doesn't he know that the site has bots that comb through every page to make sure only admins post?
John: Nope...
Ryan: What about the fact that if an Admin posts without documentation it'll say "This needs more citations"?
John: Of course not...
by OneWhoHatesBloodinHisMouth January 14, 2010
When people argue about Carbonated substance names or tastes.
Ex 1: Jim and Mark argue about Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, which one tasting better, until Mark bashes Jim's head in and yells "EXTREME" as he drinks his dew. Then they turn off the Xbox and go to their mommies. Then they resume their Carbument.

Ex 2: Jim and Mark argue about whether Soda or Pop is the correct term for cola until Mark bashes Jim's head in and gets put to death since he's in Texas which is in the area people say soda.
by OneWhoHatesBloodinHisMouth November 11, 2009
When you're at a meeting and it's for somereason incredibly cold. You can put on whatever you want but it'll still be cold until you reach the point of no return and you're burning, causing the awkward shifts and everyone staring at you. This could pertain elsewhere, such as in a classroom where you're tired and the cold of course amplifies it.
J: Man I was in a total freeting. I'd rather be incased in ice.
Ric: I was in a heeting yesterday.
J: What the fuck's a heeting?
Ric: For another time.
by OneWhoHatesBloodinHisMouth November 11, 2009

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