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A name that may be the most altered one-syllable name in the English language.

Not only does it originate from a different name that still exists (John), but it also contains the most alternative spellings for a one-syllable word, including: Shaun, Sean, and Shon.

The name can also be altered by adding random words or sounds at the beginning, such as: Keyshawn, Marshawn, Deshawn. *A note to parents: Extreme care should be used when using these variants as people will expect your child to be a great athlete if given a name like this.

Shawn also crosses the gender line, as one may find women with the same name. For female names, variants can be made by adding syllables to the end of words, making Shawn into Shawna or Shondra .
Shawn looked at his Starbucks cup to see that the barista managed to mispell his name again.
by One of many Shawn's February 06, 2010

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