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defines a large set of breasts, but not the kind that look nice, such as what would be described as bazookas or a nice rack, these tits are big, meaty, saggy boobs belonging to a fat, disgusting member of either sex, there is also the possibility that large amounts of hair could be on beef tits as well.
Damn nigga, that girl's tits hang down to her knees!, She got herself a crazy case of beef tits!

Because Ernest kept making light of how fat and disgusting Gertrude was, she was finally left with no other choice but to take out her beef tits and smack him across the face with them, his face is still swollen from it.

Yesterday in the locker room I saw Henry and his beautiful beef tits, I had to run over and grab them as hard as I can, it was much more than a handful and Henry screamed like a women, he will never go near me again, but it was worth it and I would do it all over again.
by One Shaved Gorilla June 22, 2006

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