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an overweight person
You: Yo, did you peep Kevin's new girl?

Me: Yeah man, hide your food - that chick is a swoller bear. What was he thinking?
by One Rho July 23, 2006
To be intoxicated from drinking the popular tequila Patron.
1) You: I'll be at the party in 15 minutes.

Me: You better hurry up, everyone is Patronin' and everything.

2) You may be drunk, but I'm Patronin'
by One Rho March 23, 2008
A really dark skinned person who can't eat dairy products
Man.. Kayla's so blacktose intolerant, she can't even eat cheesecake.

When I turned off the light, i couldnt see any thing except her teeth, she's so blacktose intolerant.
by One Rho March 23, 2008
An ugly person. Usually refering to a female.
You: "Did you see Sarah's new look? I think she is so pretty with shorter hair."

Me: "Pretty Please. She looks like a 12 year old boy with that hair style. In fact, it looks like a 12 year old boy styled her hair."
by One Rho March 22, 2008
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