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Devious, petty, narcissistic, belligerent and somewhat cunning, peaguy is an internet troll with assburgers who sought to push people's buttons on the internet. Though he has a reputation of being an asshole, he sometimes uses his trolling skillz for the greater good.

Originally started his trolling on internet forums, he moved on to making controversial videos on YT (YouTube), whereby his accounts are usually blocked.

The community of IntensitySquared, an offshoot of Wrongplanet, regard peaguy as the main antagonist of the message board. He is also rumoured to be a stalker of sorts.
"and im not BITTER. actually i think its fuking sick how people can make videos like this. im not bitter. im a person who is full of anger. and you just top it off. and btw i actually cant get over how old you are. fuking hell 26! LOL.you seriously have no life matey. :L" - amyhood195, a YT user with peaguy hate
by One Of Your Fans July 22, 2009
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