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One of the best rappers in recent years he is "the definition of a Don". He is the leader of "Terror Squad" and it is acceptable for him to use the word "nigga" in his songs. Some of his better songs include but limited to "Lean Back", "Does Anybody Know", "We Gettin' Money", "So Much More", "Safe 2 Say", "New York", and "Fight Club". He has "beef" with rapper 50 Cent who is known to be a snitch. Other names he is known as include: Joey Crack and "The Boogydown Bronxter". Some phrases he commonly uses include: "It's Crack Bitch!", "I breed you nigga's", "I'm one OG ya need ta respect", "You'll be layin in St. Raymonds in sec. 8 nigga" and "It's Crackology". He is one of the more accomplished peuto rican rappers and his legend will continue to grow. He also shows respect to "Stockton Golf" in Cape May New Jersey and supports them with world famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter Joe Son in removing "Ocean Putt Golf" aka "Goofy Golf" from frauding consumers of their well earned money. It's crack bitch!
"its cook coke crack bitch!"
"All my niggas holding it down, my street niggas, gangsta niggas".
"I Swear after this disk I will quit, Pun if you listenin you truly been missed"- Fat Joe
by One OG ya need ta Respect July 31, 2006

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