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5 definitions by One F Jeph

Any type of beef tasting meat, meat-by-product, beef flavored meat substitute, etc. Something that tastes beefy or is trying to be beefy, but that isn't 100% beef.
Taco Bell crunchy tacos are made from beeph.
by One F Jeph January 26, 2011
A really bad-ass archaeologist.
Indiana Jones is a gnarchaeologist.
by One F Jeph January 12, 2012
Fresh man-made snow.
This winter hasn't been great, but at least we got to shred some pauxder.
by One F Jeph January 21, 2014
Mountain Dew
Grab me a 2-liter of trailer juice at the mini mart Ma! I finished the last of it at breakfast.
by One F Jeph April 02, 2014
The small, bristly patch of hair beneath the lower lip of men who are harvesting their facial hair in an attempt to look cool or hip or trendy. Often used to 'brush' the 'bean'.
That new guy in marketing has a pretty sweet bean brush. I bet his lady loves it.
by One F Jeph October 30, 2013