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To be well put-together, as in fashion, style et cetera. Common usage, early to mid-90s.

Synonyms: "Laid", "Fly", "Phat", "Togetha", "Dope", in "your Sunday-go-to-Meetins" (Sunday best/fineries), "Stylin".
As uttered by legendary actor, ROBERT De NIRO on a recent episode of SNL in December of 2010 with Rapper, SEAN COMBS.

De Niro, dressed in drag as Andy Samberg's “Blizzard Man”'s Mother: "Oh, Didders... You know a bitch gotta stay dipped!"--- which... loosely translated means, "Oh, Sean! As you are CERTAINLY AWARE... a woman must see to it that her presentation is flawless at all TIMES... and that she has, in FACT, washed her AZZ".
by One Dipped Man-Bitch! December 07, 2010

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