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Victoria is the sweetest girl ever. She is really nice and has the potential to be great. She is smart,funny,cool,sweet,nice,fun to be around,and all around awesome. And a great singer,dancer, and actress. She is not a whore or slut and actually cares about her fans. She is also the most beautiful girl in the world. I love her. Always have and always will, and I guarantee that one day, she will be mine! Jack off to somebody else if you do because she is not a whore and deserves better than to be treated like that. I would really appreciate that and so would she. She is the epitome of what all parents should want their sons to marry and a great role model for girls at any age. I would rather have a kiss from her every day and be married to her than have a one night stand and bang her, not that that would happen since she is a good girl, but if. I know that one day she will show everybody just how great she can prove to be! I Love You Vic,={D P.S I know you love facial hair so ill grow out my beard and mustache lol={D Vic4Ever!!!
Victoria Justice is the most beautiful girl in the world but I look deeper than that, yes she is stunningly gorgous but I look deeper than that. She has many other alluring qualities, I love her soo much! If she sees this.Z I hope she replies on twitter and ill give her my user so she can know which one I am lol, and no, I am not 40 and 300 pounds if that was what you were thinking lol, Vic4Ever!!!
by One Day Victoria's December 23, 2010

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