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1. A primitive variable type in most programming languages; can be true or false
2. Because undeclared bool variables usually default to false: A word used as an antonym for cool; As in not cool; can be used as a noun for an imaginary substance of very uncoolness.
Not gonna lie, that movie was really bool.

What a load of boolshit!

Holy buckets of bool! That hurt!

Don't drown in a pool of your own bool.
by One Bard October 12, 2009
n. A redneck that films themselves doing something stupid/dangerous in the hopes of making it on youtube
Did you see that tubeneck ride his dirt bike off that jump into his boat completely naked?

The tubeneck is the first to go when it comes to natural selection. And we get to watch it happen too!
by One Bard December 07, 2009

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