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The science of figuring out the distance between the movie theater screen and speakers to ensure an optimal movie-watching experience.
Mason insisted on going to the theater early and finding the perfect seat; he wanted to show his date how movie theater physics works.
by One And Only Meli December 11, 2013
Someone who doesn't leave when the movie credits start, to show respect and admiration to all those involved in the process; more importantly, to not miss a possible bonus scene, etc.
Jeff is such a movie geek because he wanted to see who the key grip was.
by One And Only Meli December 13, 2013
1. The phenomenon of constantly repeating what has already happened on a daily basis.
2. Waking up with perfect hair and makeup, even after having had choreographed sex.
Due to her self-absorbed attitude, she suffers from soap opera-itis and is driving her boss crazy.
by One And Only Meli December 02, 2013
If a woman is sexually attracted to a man, she would definitely leave her shoes under his bed. They are usually very sexy to get his attention.
She wore her black stilettos on her date; if all goes well, she will leave her shoes under his bed. At least overnight.
by One And Only Meli May 25, 2014
Someone who is close pals with a conventionally attractive person. The quirky best friend is unique, cute, different; usually smarter and more artistic. Not afraid to live life to the beat of a different drum.
It's great being the quirky best friend of a model; she brings me to all the fun parties!
by One And Only Meli May 25, 2014
A sexual encounter so epic that it is deemed worthy to anonymously submit to Penthouse Forum.
I overheard that guy at the bar talk about his Penthouse Forum moment. Not sure why he should be bragging...
by One And Only Meli May 27, 2014
Someone you marry for the sole purpose of being added to his or her health insurance policy; becoming an unforeseen result of Obamacare.
She asked Doug to be her benefit spouse because Mary's insurance company screwed her over.
by One And Only Meli June 13, 2014

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