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n.) A word used to refer to poorly written fanfiction. Unfortunately for most fandoms, badfic represents the majority.
Did you read that Harry/Draco fanfiction that was so riddled with plot holes and spelling errors? Talk about badfic.
by Omusubi April 14, 2005
A hall crawl is a drinking contest in which several teams are made to go to different rooms all along a hallway, each room dedicated to a different kind of liquor. The hall crawl is so named because by the end of the competition most of the participants are so inebriated that they are incapable of walking, and must crawl down the hall to the next room. Hall crawls are a frequent fraternity occurrence.
"Dude, did you go the Beta hall crawl last night?"
"No, what happened?"
"Brandon couldn't tell where he was going and crawled off the balcony. He only made it through three rooms, though, so we left him there until we finished."
"...That's fucked up."
by Omusubi February 28, 2006
abbr.) An acronym meaning 'love you like a sister'. Another in a long series of obnoxious abbreviations used by the AIM generation.
hottie_chik2005: g2g
southernguy07: ttfn! lulas!
by Omusubi April 14, 2005
YABHTU is an acronym used mostly by tech bloggers to refer to the highly enjoyable state of owning a tablet PC. It stands for "Yet Another Blissfully Happy Tablet User".
"You know, my roommate has an HP tablet PC. It's incredibly small, and has to have an external disk drive."

"Wow, that sounds... Unfortunate."

"Yep, but she's totally YABHTU."
by Omusubi November 14, 2005
The anniversary of the date you entered a fandom, based on whatever you consider the genesis of becoming a fan.
"You know, one year ago today I drew my first "Harry Potter" fanart."
"Oh my God, like, happy one year fanniversary!"
by Omusubi October 21, 2005

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