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Greatest lyrical and industrial electronic artist of all time.
Trent Reznor is god.
by Omnislash March 30, 2003
The most powerful attack in Final Fantasy VII of Squares Final Fantasy series. Omnislash is the character Cloud Strife's final limit break, consisting of 14 repetitive critical slashes followed by a powerful leaping cleave.
Omnislash is the greatest attack in Final Fantasy VII.
by Omnislash March 30, 2003
The elite multimedia development company, consisting of designers syogik and Omnislash.

by Omnislash March 30, 2003
The internet alias of an elite graphic designer used to express the extreme quality of a graphic.
Man, you pulled a syogik on that one.
by Omnislash March 30, 2003
An acronym for "I'm Pubbin' it." A CS 1.6 clan that is about Cal-O level, except most of our players are declining in their skill... stupid mmorpgs.
Omnislasher is pretty much the best, Krypticskillz comes second and could be up to Omni's skill.
Genesis shouldn't be noob.... stop being so school devoted.
Noskillz is the noob.
IpI | Omnislash : dude i pwned you guys at awp_map
IpI | Noskillz : yeah, well my lvl 52 assassin owns you
IpI | Krypticskillz: OMFG I LOVE WOW
IpI | Omnislash : YEAOK.
IpI | G3N3515 : stupid WoW.
by Omnislash October 20, 2005
The internet alias of a great flash designer/developer and gamer, known among gaming communities.
Omnislash creates awesome elite flashes.
by Omnislash March 30, 2003

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