2 definitions by OmniScourge

1. The one reason there will never be world peace. See politician.
Human nature accounts for the flaws in this and every other society that has ever existed before us and will ever exist long after we have departed this world.
by OmniScourge January 31, 2005
n. Fr. a dumbass who wrote a hate mail to internet celebrity Maddox, ~2001 AD; more at college Dyseducational facility attended by jocks and cheerleaders who generally have about a 1.2 GPA rounded off nicely with that C they got in Wood Shop. Usu. considered idiotic.
"...i was recently accepted to play for the Vancouver junior football team, which may lead to collage ball, or even the CFL, which could very well lead to the NFL... now tell me that i'm not going anywhere playing football?..."
by OmniScourge January 31, 2005

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