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2 definitions by OmniArtis

Something so incredible that it makes your balls ache just thinking about it. Women can experience something incrediballs in her breasts (especially if they are ball-shaped) or by cupping the balls of a man she is with when something incrediballs happens.
I saw that chic cupping your balls last night, what happened?
We saw a man with a coon-skin cap and it was incrediballs!
by OmniArtis November 23, 2010
7 1
Slang for a type of raucous laughter in which the balls jiggle uncontrollably. Can be experienced by a woman if her breasts (i.e. female balls) also jiggle uncontrollably.
That picture of the Spotted Dick you sent me was hilarballs! My testicles still hurt.
by OmniArtis November 23, 2010
6 0