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First, I am going to tell you what emo is not.
Emo is not "omgzz i'm gonna go slit my wrists." It is not the stereotypical tight jeans and shirts on both sexes. Emo is not always a genre of music.
Emo means (and please don't get all mad at me, but this is what my experience tells me) means pretty much emotional.
Now, it doesn't mean that the kid is always depressed and sad and mopey, it just means that the kid goes through mood swings relatively fast.
Now, emo kids can be seen wearing a typical tight demeanor (tight clothing) with flats, odd, clashing accessories, and greasy (or not) hair with long bangs. Black eyeliner as well. But this does not mean that all emo's wear the same thing. They can wear whatever the hell they want, but this style attracts lots of Emo Kids.
Some emo kids are actually always depressed, but I like to call these... depressed kids. NOT emo's. These are the kind of kids who give a bad name to emo's and are the main stereotype for emo's.
I don't really understand why everybody thinks it's funny to stereotype emo's as suicide victims and ungrateful depressed people.
It's not really like that.
Emo kid 1 : My boyfriend broke up with me.
Emo Kid 2 : Thats too bad. Wanna come over to watch a movie?
Emo Kid 1 : Yeah, that'd be fun. I can show you my new skinny jeans.
Emo Kids 2 : Rad. Come on over.

by Omigodalexan December 19, 2006

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