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3 definitions by Omeggia

The crack addicted, batshit insane, sister of ZALGO. Forget HE, this bitch is the real shit. ZALGO shits himself in her presence. OGLAZ rapes ZALGO daily in some incestial sick fuck shit to remind him who is boss.
OGLAZ is the reason ZALGO hides behind the wall.
by Omeggia June 30, 2010
Everyone hates it...but we all still own one =\
I don't even know why I have an iPod...
by Omeggia April 23, 2010
A dumbass volcano in Iceland, the reason that most planes in Europe had been grounded over April 2010 and also the reason I can't see my girlfriend for 10 more days.
FUCK Eyjafjallajokull I WANT S3X!
Dumbass volcano...
by Omeggia April 17, 2010