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Term used to describe the childish actions of an adult.
Bob: Your telling me he tattled on you?

Jim Bo: Yeah, ain't that some Mickey Mouse Shit?
by OmegaSeabee September 11, 2008
AKA Shithouse Poetry. These linguistic gems are found in porta-johns and bathroom stalls from Idaho to Fallujah

In the heat of plastic shitter
I sit here and softly titter
Sweat pours off like a monsoon
Please dear god, let me shit soon

~The Shithouse Poet
by OmegaSeabee September 11, 2008
Technically it stands for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion, the main division of the United States Navy Seabees. It is more commonly know; however, as "Navy's Most Confused Bastards"
by OmegaSeabee September 11, 2008

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